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How to Plant a Low-Maintenance Garden to Increase your Property Value

Virginia is for outdoor lovers. But people who love the outdoors want to play in their backyard, not work in it. You can maximize the value of your property by minimizing the amount of work it needs. One easy way to do this is by creating a low-maintenance garden – one that oozes curb appeal

Tips for Single Homebuyers

If you’re living on your own and looking to buy a home, know that you can make your dream a reality with thoughtful planning and the right team of experts. Research from Freddie Mac shows 28% of all households (36.1 million) are sole-person, and that number is growing. Over the past 40 years, the number of sole-person households has nearly doubled, and that’s

Easy Ways To Help Your Guests Feel At Home

Whether you’re expecting overnight guests this weekend or months from now, be the host with the most with our easy tips for creating a welcoming guest bedroom. Upgrade Your Bedding Treat your guests to a great night’s sleep. Start with high-thread-count sheets, a soft mattress topper, choice of pillows, a cozy down comforter or quilt,

Quick Ways to Clear Clutter

Clearing clutter doesn’t usually top our list of fun things to do! Finding the time (and the motivation) to make it happen can be overwhelming. That’s where quick clutter clearing comes in. Small bite-size projects make it easier to start the decluttering process. Here are a few easy projects to help you get started. Food

Planting a Low Maintenance Garden to Increase Your Property’s Value

Who wants to be stuck at home mowing and weeding when you could be at the beach rowing or reading? Whether you’re looking to sell, buy, or stay put, low-maintenance landscaping adds value to your home and saves you (or potential buyers) time and money. Get ready to get your hands dirty. Let’s plant a

Non-financial Benefits of Owning A Home

While financial benefits are always a key aspect of homeownership, today, homeowners rank the non-financial and personal benefits with even higher value. Recently, two national surveys revealed the reasons homeownership is such an important part of life. The top three personal benefits of homeownership noted by respondents in Unison’s 2021 report on The State of the American Homeowner are: 91%