Holiday Decorations To Try This Season!

Looking for some decor inspiration for your home this Holiday season? Check out these fun and unique trends from Jolly Festive that are sure to set your home apart from the others this season.






1. Blue and Gold Ornaments

It is expected that deep rich blues paired with luxurious warm gold looks set to become another of the big Christmas trends of 2022, as well. With a more-is-more approach to luxury design, this timeless color palette is perfectly aligned with increasingly popular celestial designs.






2. Alternative Christmas Trees

There are endless ways to bring nature into your home this holiday season, from foraged branches adorned with baubles to year-round plants covered in tiny lights. They are usually space savers and environmentally friendly with fewer risks!








3. Bottle Brush Christmas Trees

These adorable tiny trees are cute in all colors and sizes for your home! A bottle brush tree is perfect for your Christmas display, whether it’s mounted on slices of wood, canister tops, or ready to be pushed into place on your Christmas cake. These adorable trees can be found in Target!




4. Lavender Decor

Lavender looks set to continue the trend of pastel color palettes for Christmas in recent years. The lavender’s calm tone is ideal for the busy holiday season and gives a fresh twist to more traditional color schemes.







5. Paper Decorations

Easily made and used, eco-friendly, fun, and suitable for any celebration, paper décor is a key trend this year and is the perfect way to decorate your home this season and beyond.





6. Creative Garland

There are all sorts of garlands that look great for winter – think again about that metallic or neutral color scheme. Try white, gold or silver garland or even colorful beads on your mantle to spice up the decor!






7. Pine Cones

Head to your backyard to search for pine cones and acorns to fill vases or a dome cake stand for a unique and dramatic centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner. Repurpose the cones by spray painting them in festive colors or dipping them in glitter.






8. Lanterns

Lanterns are such an easy and beautiful way to add coziness to any space. They are wonderful during the holidays because they add just the right amount of ambiance. Leave them neutral or simple with a candle. Spice them up with leaves, pine cones, and gourds for fall. Switch to greenery, red berries, and ribbon for winter.