Podcast Recap: How Technology Can Sell a House

We’re thrilled to bring you the show notes from the ‘Real Estate 101’ podcast we are sponsoring. This interviewed featured Rose & Womble’s Richard Calderon, a REALTOR from our Chesapekae Resale Office. He offers a great perspective and real life experience about using technology to help sell your house. 

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Today’s guest is REALTOR® Richard Calderon from Rose & Womble Realty’s Chesapeake Resale Office. Richard has been a REALTOR® since 2012 and his market specialties include military buyers and out of state relocations – especially from his home state of California. Richard is one of Rose & Womble’s most technologically advanced REALTORS® and he uses every resource available to promote his listings.

During our discussion Richard highlights some really important things about how technology can help sell a house if the REALTOR® and the client are on the same page.

Within the last year, many apps and websites have come out that can help promote houses, but it’s still so important for the client and REALTOR® to have regular and detailed communication. The seller should expect in depth and proof of what is being done to market the home. When interviewing REALTORS it’s important for potential sellers to ask about the agent’s marketing plan, including evidence and how they are tracking results. The agent should also be able to show you various aspects of the apps or websites the listing is featured on. The real estate market changes frequently so a good agent will adjust their marketing plan to fit within the current market conditions.

What are the things that real estate agents need to do to get a listing out in front of the public.

Richard recommends to have the home staged and photographed well for internet photos. You need high quality, professionally done photos to highlight the best aspects of the home. Richard personally has a story of a listing where he had the home properly staged for the photo, and then he asked the seller to post the photos on the home association Facebook page. From there a renter in the neighborhood said they wanted to see the house and the house was under contract, above full price the same day.

These are the photos from the listing that Richard talks about in the episode.

show notes graphic Episode 001 - RE101Pod (1)

Take every chance to get the home in front of potential buyers – tell the story about making the seller the marketing partner. Your REALTOR can and should give you the professionally done photos and send it out to your network as well. Only people who lived in that neighborhood had access to that page.

The best photos and visual tours are like having a great digital open house. This is why it is important for a seller to ask if the REALTOR uses professional photography for the listing. Many REALTORS will have great relationships with vendors, like professional real estate photographers, is another reason to use a REALTOR.

Another thing that a good REALTOR will do will have demographics of the neighborhood – and will know how to use to market the home. One example Richard gives is to still use some old school marketing techniques. Social media allows him to target people who want to live in that neighborhood.

To ensure you’re hiring the best REALTOR®, use these tips:

1. Ask to see examples of photos of their listings and take a look at what they’ve done before.
2. Past listings examples including language.
3. Ask questions about their personal success rate and listing to sales ratio
4. References from past clients and look at reviews on real estate sites
5. Ask if they have a marketing system, but will they customize for your specific listing.

All of the advice given on Real Estate 101 Podcast is for informational purposes only. For specific real estate advice please contact a licensed professional REALTOR® in your area to consult.